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23andMe DNA Test Results: Balkan is Serbian or South Slavic

23andMe DNA Test Results: Balkan is Serbian or South Slavic

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16 thoughts on “23andMe DNA Test Results: Balkan is Serbian or South Slavic

  1. I scored 10 % Balkan and 6.6 % broadly Southern European could that be Greek for me? I also scored a low .4% Italian and .1% North African/ Middle Eastern. I was adopted so I don't have any family history to go on.

  2. Dino Pasic says:

    Dude, Balkan means ex. Yugoslavia, Serbia is only part of it.

  3. Go to HTTP://DNK.poreklo.rs for a list of Y-DNA types. You might find closer or more distant relatives.

  4. My results said 19% Balkan but I thought I was 19% Italian, my surname is Italian and my dad got 19% greek/italian.

  5. LolaLa says:

    You look like average serbian guy tbh

  6. You do look like you’re Serbian 🙂

  7. No, Middle Eastern does not mean Serbian, Serbs have 0% Middle Eastern in 23andme.

  8. Alu Card says:

    LMFAO, no. "Balkan" means native Balkan, not Slavic. Slavs aren't native in Balkans.

  9. U look romanian to me bro ??

  10. Balkans means that your ancestors originated from Balkans, it means that they were Ilyrians, Romans or Greeks or some totally other group of people that we don't know of. South Slavic origin would mean eastern Europe. Basicly the native people of Balknas are not slavs but Ilyrians, Romans and Greeks.

  11. Prespa says:

    It can be Albanian

  12. Balkan includes so much more than Serbia(who are btw only South Slavs) but there are Croatia,Montenegro(South Slavs mixed with Illirians),Bosnia and Herzegovina(people from Serbia,Croatia and muslims(mix turkish part)),Albania,Macedonia,Greece(who are seperated ethnic groups).If your part is at the sea Balkan,then you're most likely south slav mixed with illirian,or illirian mixed with something else(brown hair,eyes) but if you're from other parts(people are blonde and blue eyes) then you're probably South Slav more

  13. Ralf G says:

    From what I've been reading on 23and Me's website this assumption is not correct. Their current assessment is that the population of the Balkans is too ethnically mixed (that is DNA based, not language based) for them to be able to tease out specific genetic ethnicities at this time. If you don't mind a bit of cut and paste, their Balkan reference population includes " people of Albanian, Bosnian and Herzegovinian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Macedonian, Maltese, Montenegrin, Romanian, or Serbian ancestry". One point that might be missed, since people often conflate national, cultural or linguistic ethnicity with genetic ethnicity, is that the South Slavs may be the least "Slavic" group genetically. They have high proportions of pre-Slavic migration and even pre-Indo-European genes, with Haplogroup I (pre-IE) reaching over 60% in say Bosnia and Croatia and more than 30% in South Slavic countries generally.

    WRT including Middle Eastern or Turkic into the Balkan ethnicity I'd personally recommend that you don't go there. Turkey is a country which has had Turkic culture and language relatively recently imposed on a majority population of mixed South European and Levant/Middle Eastern origin. Actual Turkic genetic ethnicity is a minority there and should show up as Central or north-east Asian. Middle Eastern genes would be distinct from those as well as being distinct from European, North African and other areas BUT, here again 23andME is currently unable to separate out Turkic from the modern Middle Eastern melange ie. "includes peoples of Armenian, Azerbaijani, Cypriot, Georgian, Druze, Iranian, Iraqi, Lebanese, Turkish, or Syrian descent". Similarly the Arabs, Egyptians, Algerians etc. are all lumped together in their North African category.

    Actually, having read 23andMe's list of reference populations I'm liking them less and less. 🙂

  14. Gog Mog says:

    On ancestrydna could the middle East result be turkish? My grandma has 1% middle East less than one percent north African and less than one percent caucasus and on ftdna she has 2% north African. She has 2% italian on ancestry could the caucasus be turkish? And on my test I have 3% middle East 3% Italy/Greece and less than one percent north African please do a video on this thanks.

  15. Balkan contains countries which where there before the christ and those who migrated there thousand hears ago. So to certain you this, those who were on Balkans before christ those who didnt come from different area are mostly Greek, Albanian, Romanians and some Bulgarians. On other hand those who migrated there during 6th century now knows as south slavs are Serbians, Croatians, Slovenian, Bosnians, Montenegrinns and Macedonians and some Bulgarians – Those are south slavs. The meaning of south slav is that they live in south eastern europe. Real slavs came from modern Russian Ukraine border and migrated all over eastern Europe they are descendants of modern Russians, they just divided themself. And then again dont forget through the history all Balkan countries mixed each others, thats why they look so similar to each other and they have some similar traits.

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