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23andMe: Getting Started UK

23andMe: Getting Started UK

In this video, we’ll cover: what’s included in your DNA test kit, and how to register, provide your sample and get your kit on its way back to our lab. Christine walks through everything that’s included in the 23andMe box, as well as how to create an account, and provide and submit your sample.

For customer support at any time during the registration process, click this link: http://23me.co/DKx9K2.


4 thoughts on “23andMe: Getting Started UK

  1. My kit is ready to send back. I live in London, UK. I went to the post office today and they said they cannot take it because they cannot ship "biological samples" outside of the UK. The lab address on the box is in the Netherlands. How do I send my box back? Very confused as the video makes it seem very easy but it is not.

  2. I have a question in one account… Can I manage 4 kits?

  3. Just bought one of these kits…hope I'm 100% shiksa. 🙂

  4. Sounds great but just curious on why people in the UK cant join the research programme?

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