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23andMe Review & Results (and other cool tools for DNA geekery)

23andMe Review & Results (and other cool tools for DNA geekery)

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This week’s video is all about the DNA baby…I delve into the wonderful world of DNA analysis with a 23andme DNA collection kit. Learn how you collect your DNA sample, what you learn with the online results platform and other goody goody gumdrops tools to learn more about your DNA as it relates to ancestry and your health.
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20 thoughts on “23andMe Review & Results (and other cool tools for DNA geekery)

  1. I just ordered my kit and found your video. Thank you so much for being so informative. I am so excited for my results! 🙂

  2. Very good review thanks, I will use this package rather than ancestry. Com

  3. I'm also waiting to get my results back. The medical and health info is fascinating but I don't know how I will treat it, based on the fact that the results are "likely". One (traits) example is that I am the only member of my known family to have brown eyes. Will my results reveal that I am likely to have blue or green eyes? It's not a health issue but it is an example of how one may express a smaller possibility within the DNA program.

  4. My penis size tells me im part Black..

  5. Petrina, excellent presentation. So often YouTube videos are done poorly; you are exceptional in your content and style in sharing information. Thanks,

  6. Donna Kerr says:

    Can I get paper results sent? Rather than on line?

  7. Gedmatch.com, read the terms 1st… Nope

  8. Very helpful! Thanks!

  9. Your only 0.1% Italian thats Nothing! Thats like a Spit ! lol

  10. I'm gonna fill mine with Pepsi… Jokes on them now

  11. Kalevipoeg says:

    I don't see the point in paying $200 to know what I already know. My mom got hers done. I know where my father's side came from for easily a thousand years plus on most of his lines and at least 150-200 years back at the least. I can already tell you it would say between 20 and 50% eastern European depending on how it interprets Polish and Lithuanian heritage (my great grandmother was from a line that was in what is now eastern Poland for centuries and my great grandfather was 100% Estonian going back centuries – you would think it would then say her side was pretty much all eastern Europe but evidently 23andme is not at all perfect in nailing down where your people came from when compared with actual, hard proof in the form of documents, census records, etc going back many centuries). So, it'd be 20-50% eastern, and the rest broadly northern European or broadly NW Europe with a bit of asian.

    Because the ethnicity estimate really only bases the results on modern groups which group best around your particular genes (that does not ACTUALLY mean your ancestors were from the UK/Ireland even if it says 95% UK/Ireland in the results – it's just that many modern people with that ancestry group well with you, but then…there's been a lot of immigration over centuries to the UK from many places, so it's really not a good measure of what the population structure of Europe looked like 500 years ago)…you're really limited to only the last 10 or so generations – about 200 years, maybe 300 – which REALLY isn't going back very far in time. I have ancestry from Mongolia and China – I know this to be true from actual historic records of lineages through the ages traced right into my family (we're from a lot of noble lines that intermarried with princes and princesses from other countries in order to improve relations) but because those ancestors lived 800-1000+ years ago, there's simply no way that would show up on my DNA results if I tried to get my father's side mapped.

    As for your tiny "east asian" results, keep in mind that as an american it's actually more likely those results point to native american (who can be hard to tell apart from east asians at times) – though the other two possibilities are that it came from that tiny bit of Finnish you got (Finns and Estonians – I'm Estonian and got asian results – have among the highest instances of east asian DNA out of any europeans – this is because the ancestors of their uralic language traveled from north asia to Europe thousands of years ago) was the origin of that shred, since most Finns DO have some asian dna and in fact the most common Y-dna haplogroup in Finnish men is N, an Asian haplogroup, as opposed to R1b and R1a, which are by far the most common in central and western Europe, where N is pretty much non-existent in all countries except a handful of northeastern European countries and, of course, Asia. Alternatively, because your 0.1% is so small, it could very easily be just noise, so I'd ignore it unless you have good reason to think you had an asian ancestor in the last 10 generations or so. For me, it was obvious – my Grandmother and her family had eurasian mixed features so we already suspected.

  12. i never new they can figure out this but they cant figure out were my second name comes from

  13. HEY! You and I have almost the same maternal haplogroup. I’m h4a

  14. RAE DAWN says:

    I am Mixed Blood

  15. Save your money, buy the $99 one & upload on promethease. Also find free ones that do this for free.

  16. very informative. Thanks

  17. Kendannon says:

    I didn't get the results i expected, but I learned about recombinant DNA. That is why I only got 1% Native American, but my mother is half. So this means the dna formed me as super tall irish dood. The thing i enjoyed the most is tracking y dna movement over the last 165000 years. I looked up history for the locations and it paints a broad but beautiful picture of that genetic journey.

  18. How can they compare us to Neanderthals when "they" weren't tested? How do you find these connections?

  19. I'm glad I did mine too.i did mine with 23 and me.i'm 49.6.asian.43.3.sub Saharan African.6.7.european.british, Ashkenazi Jewish, iberian,irish.my neanderthal variants is 118.my mom is filipino.my father is black.? people should do their test.its awesome.i seen cousins who shows 100 percent European who are related to me.its pretty cool.☺

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