#filipino We see my sister’s results from 23andMe and upload her DNA to GEDMATCH!


48 thoughts on “FILIPINO 23ANDME RESULTS + GEDmatch

  1. Bang Zul says:

    You must be dissappoited..since there no white blood in you..

  2. I love when Filipinos just claim being only Filipinos and not claiming other things LIKE SPANISH! but props to you guys be proud of your roots

  3. I can tell you right now that you are NOT Native American….. You are definitely at least 99 percent ASIAN! LIVE WITH IT !

  4. Jc Dizon says:

    To be honest, I thought the 3 ladies in the right side were mixed or Polynesian. The only one who doesn't look mixed or Polynesian is the older woman in the left.

  5. “Southeast shit “had me dying

  6. 23andMe can only tests your DNA going back only 500 years (which is very recent). Living DNA on the other hand, can test your DNA going back over 80,000 years ago. I received results that Living DNA picked up, that 23andMe could not pick up. For example, according to Living DNA, 3.5% of my ancestry is from the Indian Subcontinent. Which makes sense, given the fact that over 1,000 years ago, most Filipinos were Hindu and Buddhist. I'm half Filipino half American btw.

  7. kerdoi says:

    Congratulations on not having any European blood! That's something to be proud of, given the atrocities committed by Spain and US there. 🙂

  8. You all have such glorious hair!

  9. Ivan Chang says:

    Is there a breakdown of your southeast asian category?

  10. JIR says:

    Lol, the true Australian ! ?.

  11. A lot of Filipinos, especially those Filipino immigrants should take this test. So that the illusion of having part spanish will soon evaporate from the consciousness and mentality of Filipinos. WE ARE SOUTH-EAST ASIAN..NO SINGLE DROP OF SPANIAH OR IBERIAN BLOOD. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG ABOUT THAT. BE PROUD OF OUR RACE, INSTEAD OF BEING ASHAMED. FILIPINOS ARE BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT THE IBERIAN, AMERICAN, CHINESE BLOOD…

  12. Wonderful, this was so interesting ?

  13. Blue Blaze says:

    For Filipinos, you guys actually look mixed…great vid:)

  14. Great to know .. and nice to know your sisters ?❤️❤️

  15. StevieJoes says:

    nice! great family time.

  16. AD Urpina says:

    cool talaga! 23 liked*

  17. Ran'sToyTV says:

    This is such a cool thing to know! Thanks for sharing!

  18. very interesting video, thanks for sharing❤❤❤?☺

  19. very interesting video, thanks for sharing❤❤❤?☺

  20. Great video guys. BIG thumbs up. thanks for sharing. have a great day 🙂

  21. Rich Cerv says:

    I love you and your sisters curly locks ?

  22. Very cool you did another one like this!Catching up, took s break we are back now!This is so cool to learn about your history!???1:58 lol

  23. KEIKEI says:

    I want to try this.
    It's seems fun ?

  24. Papa Piolo says:

    You're all B E A utiful!! ?

  25. oh_lorri says:

    beautiful family regardless of ancestry ?

  26. RoseMary says:

    ?Hi ? Family nice ? time ??

  27. Wow! I always wanted to try it,??

  28. Outstanding video and you have wonderful family.

  29. another great video. Like #13 from BLB Adventures.

  30. Thank you for sharing ???!
    Me I have Chinese and Spanish hehe. Thank you ?

  31. nice one sis you. have a wonderful day to you all <3

  32. wow…I need to try this out.

    Be sure to check out my latest upload and return some love??

  33. Beautiful sisters sis????????

  34. Parang Ancestry.com ano? I have not tried this but looks so much fun! Mga seryoso oh:)

  35. Great funny video, love watching your family

  36. Nice sis yung my hubby told me about this however we haven’t tried it yet

  37. its awesome what link it is sis?

  38. Mukhang masaya to gawin sissy hahahha ako kaya ? Hahahha

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