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I got my 23andMe DNA results! Now what?

I got my 23andMe DNA results! Now what?

Almost 2 months ago I opted to take a 23andme DNA test to check if I had MTHFR mutations which affected how absorbed vitamin B. (Wrote a blog post about it http://www.packofpacks.com/paleo-blog/planning-to-get-pregnant-a-little-knowledge-about-folic-acid-and-mthfr-mutations-could-help-you-and-your-unborn-baby)

Now my test results came back and there is a lot of stuff you can to do to find out more about yourself, like your ancestry and how to optimize your training, nutrition, supplementation.

I ran it through these 3rd party providers. The basic tests are free and already reveal a lot:



22 thoughts on “I got my 23andMe DNA results! Now what?

  1. Sub sharan>he have Itas in the Philippines also.

  2. Blue Blaze says:

    I never heard of a licensed doctor recommending that a patient take a commercial dna test to get insights on health status. Are you with an alternative doctor?

  3. If you were worried about insurance companies getting your information, I don't think this video helps. Haha! What's weird is that I don't have nearly the reports you do (in America). I don't have the athletic, nutrition, drug response, etc.

  4. JK Bleach says:

    I thought something else about MTHRK

  5. U got african cause pf Negritos Native in the Philippines ?

  6. Hello im also from HK too, I'm interested in trying this starting kit, and i wonder is there any problems when posting it back to the US? did u just drop it at the post office and thats about it? cos i wonder if its contain saliva (quarantine etc) do we have to declare it to the post office? thanks!!! 🙂

  7. F.Y.I Human evolution started out from the continient of Africa, so it would make sense that every living human being would have at least 1%. Glad you got such great info from your results, potential health issues are an important to know.

  8. Look at aeta people Luzon island…

  9. FarziKai says:

    all humans originated from Africa…thats how you have African in you:)

  10. Subsaharan DNA is commonly found in South West European populations, it's not statistically significant.

    My results in speculative show <0.1% Yakut which is a Siberian Turkic tribe, 23andme reckon Yakut is one of most easy to identify bits of DNA, but it could be something that looks similar and misidentified, could be via Viking or Romani ancestry, but even if it was an actual Yakut person it's liable to be from 3 or 4 centuries ago at least, they were displaced by Cossack invasions, some may have ended up slaves or sailors/soldiers.

    Equally with regard to Sub-Saharan DNA, the below decks crews of ships of Empires included a lot of people from Imperial possessions, California was a Spanish possession, parts of the Caribbean which was part of slave trade with a lot of slaves being shipped over from African colonies, ships also got into storms, sailors ended up where the currents took them.

  11. I think the sub Saharan African genes are said to be due to the fact that Chinese people also have African ancestry,…. because it is believed that the The Bushman people of South Africa migrated to Asia thousands of years ago…and its probably true, if you google images of the Bushman people…..you will see the faces of Asian people

  12. Gwladys says:

    they aren't doing the medical part any more

  13. Slashplite says:

    You have subsaharan african because Spain was under Moors occupation for 700 years and people are mixed.

  14. BlackiNews says:

    It's a business that leads to high health and life insurance rates…

  15. Jan MoCo says:

    My friend and I are in the USA and we want to do this. He more than I. I am thinking of paying for him. But, variants is not the same as definates. I just wonder if there is somewhere that does it for free. I am gaining much weight but can't seem to release it from me and I am wanting to see if there is anything I can do wholistically to burn out calories for starters. Did you participate in any of the surveys they suggest people participate in? Did they tell you in five or ten years reapply ?

  16. rafa_vela5 says:

    What's your maternal line haplogroup?

  17. you have the sub Saharan African in you because all humans originate from Africa…

  18. Thank you for sharing.:) I was thinking of taking 23andme DNA just to see if it would be different from my first DNA test that I already took, but I am not sure if I want to see all the health information. I too am Filipino.

  19. Thank you for uploading this video. Many people who have heard of these DNA tests only think they're about ancestry, and while some people are casually curious about the ancestry part and do the tests for that, many people turn these tests down because they think that telling someone about their ancestry is all there is to these tests so it's a wast of time and money to do them. They're unaware of their other features like the data that tells genetic health traits and risks for things like cancers that they can pass onto their children.
    So thanks for uploading a video showing that there's information that is actually relevant to everyone.

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