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16 thoughts on “My Official 23AndMe Test Results (I’m Adopted)

  1. str gzr says:

    America is a continent not a country. You live in the United States, which forms part of America. I you lived in El Salvador, you'd still live in AMERICA. Can't believe the ignorance out there.

  2. Our stories are very similar and I’m waiting on my 23andme results, super excited to see what I am. I consider myself 100% American but I am very interested in finding out where my ancestors are from. After watching your stories I am hoping I can find some long lost relatives ☺️

  3. Did you realise that you have rights to land as a native american.

  4. You are right. You are American and don't be ashamed.

  5. But I get it, born and raised in Canada and feel nothing for this place. Have way more connection with countries listed in my DNA test!

  6. Many parts of El Salvador r beautiful and safe, hope you get a chance to see it. Ironic how Americans and white people have actually caused a lot of conflict there

  7. flounder says:

    Cute girlfriend; although she couldn't be seen, I imagine she's cute.

  8. Juan Cena says:

    Cuzcatlan! I just ate pupusas a couple of hours ago, very similar to Mexican food 🙂

  9. Bejeezus says:

    Great results man, I'm Salvadoran as well. I feel you on people ragging on you for not being Salvadoran enough. I was born in the in the U.S. and was belittled by other Hispanic kids for acting "white."

  10. Also the violence in El Salvador stems from the El Salvadoran Civil War, but the American involvement is deeply entrenched in the outcome. The corruption and the neglect of accountability of American trained soldiers and U.S. politicians trying to cover their responsibility cannot be ignored.

  11. The most accurate results with 23andme would be phasing with your parents. Its not possible in your case, but your native american % would be above 50%, broadly regions would decrease in %, and unassigned dna would be assigned into categories.

  12. Cool that you filmed this in Rockaway Beach. #loveandmissmyhometown You have great videos. What are your haplogroups, by the way? Me: Y-DNA: J-M92 mtDNA: N1b2.

  13. Cool video ? thanks for sharing, looking forward to comparing my 23andme results when they come back to the AncestryDNA test I did last year ? I had a lot of different regions too as I'm South African, couldn't be more proud of my ancestors as I wouldn't be here without them all ❤

  14. I understand what you're trying to say, however, having siblings whether it be one or many could have been "bountiful" just in a different way. But, isn't it really cool to know our heritage?!? I've been searching for my bio father for 20 years!! Best of luck!!

  15. Lego DC says:

    Are you curious if you have any siblings in El Salvador?

  16. Lego DC says:

    You definitely look half Native and half Southern European. Makes sense. 50/50.

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