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28 thoughts on “23andme DNA Results! I’m What?!

  1. aRnBStar says:

    you are ChaoZhou people(Teochew people) , from East Canton province of China or Southern Fu Jian province, nam sayin !

  2. u have kaydoo in you… ur an outcast.

  3. I always wondered what a Hmong person would get on a dna test, because it would extremely likely that it would be Chinese, despite my hope it would be unassigned instead. I would never do it because I have Hmong in my ancestry as far it can go and I know where I come from. Hmong reject being Chinese since historically we've trea treated as an other there, so I wouldn't want a test to tell me I'm Chinese. So I never thought I'd see a video of a Hmong person doing one of these. But it's awesome you did it, so I know what I would probably get if I did do it. Also imo the west African is inconclusive due to the miniscule amount and I really doubt you have black in your family tree. 95-99% of something imo means you're actually one thing imo

  4. Unfortunately the data in 23&me and other DNA testing services is still being added. As more people from all walks of life start taking these tests then we will be able to get more specific data as to where you are from. Seeing that there isn't much data on Asian peoples to begin with then for now it will show up as "East Asian" but that in itself is very broad. With time your results will be updated so worry not, maybe with time there will be a much more in depth look into out DNA.I have around 35% DNA that is still unassigned due to the lack of data.

  5. U do have that Somalian nose though.

  6. as soon as she found out shes blk, the blk came out of her.

  7. AY says:

    I guess you aren't 100% pureblood Hmoob after reading your DNA results. Lol

    And the 1.2% unassigned means that the machine couldn't figure out what that percentage of DNA came from.

  8. steve boy says:

    they need to seperate asian and native american

  9. 97tomv says:

    Neaderthal is the red hair. Longshan Culture is O3-m122. Yangshao Culture is N. Han Chinese claimed Yangshao ancestry. Hmong claimed Longshan ancestry. I'm not surprise you have East Asia DNA.

  10. Dr Dank says:

    23 and me is complete nonsense. Just send me the money next time and ill send you back some bullshit

  11. Wendy Fang says:

    I couldn't really understand the results. can you write down your results on the comment ?

  12. Mike Dee says:

    What's your other half of Asian, geez

  13. Hi. Does it break it down on what kind of Asian you are? I just ordered my kit. I'm supposed to be half Korean and half Italian. I want to confirm with my percentage. I don't want just "East Asian". I wanted specifics. For example: 50% Korean.

  14. Rick W says:

    Native American is a descendant of Asia

  15. what's really surprising is the West African..can u shead a little light on that just curious..

  16. Tom W says:

    You're shocked you're asian? Do you not own a mirror? Good video but your surprise made me laugh

  17. I thought you looked latino at first, then i was like nah she def has east asian. so my guess was like half white half asian. But wow shes full asian! wouldnt have guessed

  18. Great video, thanks for sharing!
    I should have my results in a few weeks, I'm super excited.

  19. The Native American part in your results is easy to explain, since they share a common ancestry with most East Asian peoples. Those parts of the DNA that both regions share should appear in testing. Anyone from those regions will broadly share those genes. Even though you're Hmong, it's not surprising you have a lot of Chinese in you, simply because the Hmong migrated into SE Asia from China (specifically, Sth China). There's been a steady flow, back and forth, between the two areas for thousands of years. The blue eyes and blonde hair might not be such a surprise, either, considering there had been Caucasian peoples in western China up until about 2000 years ago. It would not be surprising if they also immigrated into the southern parts of China and some parts of SE Asia as well. Though, they haven't been found there, yet, in the archaeological record of the area.

  20. We Interbreed with Neanderthals and wiped them out…we even ate them.

  21. Read a little about Hmong people and culture
    Sounds like some tough family you must have!
    Mountains are rough and cold!

    Take care

  22. slim4104 says:

    lol you black….but you didnt wont to say that though lol

  23. How long did it take for your results?

  24. Eternidad says:

    Nice results. You are totally East Asian

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