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28 thoughts on “23andme Vs AncestryDNA. Comparison

  1. You have an excellent comparison. I too prefer the Ancestry DNA. Thank you.

  2. Which one do you think is the best?

  3. Funny. Ancestry.com doesn't give that type of breakdown anymore. Unless I missed something when I got mine back a few weeks ago…

  4. ''You can buy one, or the other, or both''

    Thanks for the great comparison i rate it 5/5

  5. Mark Jacob says:

    I'm white, have no black in my family line..so I won't rest my trust in any dna results..they have bias sneaky black people there who tell all white people they have black ancestry in them..distort facts

  6. Kind of reminds me of a top Dollar Tarrot reader. Vageuness and common sence.

  7. 23 and me is Ancestry. Com as far as I can tell. AC is a worthless redundant membership. Hoping 23 is a little more helpful!

  8. Andy B says:

    I had my experience with ancestry dna and 23andme.

  9. Why are black people so obsessed by their racial makeup?. Everywhere, on the tv ads, on youtube etc. the only people talking about race and origins are blacks. These same people talk about how racially unconcerned they are , when in fact it is all they think about.

  10. I mean damn lookin at that chart where you not from ????

  11. I got my Ancestry.com results here in the UK on Monday and found it interesting and a worthwhile experience, but I've heard of a site called Living DNA that can give very specific results but doing a second DNA test is probably more than I can justify spending.

  12. Very nice??I was thinking of taking this test myself.I live in scandinavia (norway)

  13. Very useful review… that's what I was looking for, thank you.

  14. Katrina says:

    Ok I found you on my Ancestry DNA list and sent you a message on there

  15. Thanks for the video, the discussions also helped….interesting to see others experiences with this!

  16. Thank you for this video. I have done ancestry dna and I just submitted my dna for 23 and me and I was trying to find out what the differences were. I believe you are on my dna match list on ancestry. On there my name is Katrina Smith 🙂

  17. Thanks for this review! i already did ancestry, but now I'm going to try 23 and me. 🙂 cool results btw

  18. When talking about Ethnicity. Ancestry does a better job with African Ethnic groups. While 23andme does a better job with European Ethnic groups

  19. What the H is a Sub-Saharan African ? Is it like Sub-Alpine European ?

  20. So the previous video I watched that led me to your video, I was looking at comments on the Ancestry DNA one, saying her and her twin sister sent in 3 different tests (possibly changed their names for anonymity) and all 3 results came back completely different for both sisters. So completely different she contacted a news outlet to run a story saying Ancestry is a scam…..I am very interested in taking this DNA test with more research, but I want to be sure it's a ballpark accuracy…….and I don't get 58% Asian on one test and then 49% Native American on the next test?!

  21. Tim Nur says:

    nice comparison, I'm skeptical of how specific Ancestry is. I've also hear there are problems with both tests on picking up information about specific ethnic groups, does anyone know if this is true? I'm more interested in the health aspect of 23andMe though tbh

  22. scorwitz s says:

    That was a completely useless "review"

  23. ancetryDNA is better because it also helps you find your ancestors when you send a sample of your spit

  24. Abz Zay says:

    What was your mitochondrial DNA haplogroup?

  25. i think most african american will have some european in them

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