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Our (surprising!) DNA Test Results!! :: 23andMe

Our (surprising!) DNA Test Results!! :: 23andMe

In today’s vlog we check out our DNA test results from 23andMe! There were some things we expected, and some things that really surprised us! Overall, this was SUCH an awesome and informative experience that we highly recommend.

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35 thoughts on “Our (surprising!) DNA Test Results!! :: 23andMe

  1. I was on the fence about ordering a kit from 23andme. After seeing your video I decided to order one because you present the results so much better than anything I have seen on their web site. I have tested with 2 other companies but like the features in this. Thanks for posting this video.

  2. Meme Nana says:

    how so fun! my moms first generation American. I'm have slovak, my husbands a redhead Indian one of the first here in Massacutts I think we are going to try this how fun , you all do fun stuff?????

  3. You're an animal ??????????????

  4. You guy,s are great, Thanks for the info.

  5. Definitely agree with the 23 and Me marketing comment lol

  6. Mo says:

    Sorry to sounds like a know it all but I’m pretty sure Neanderthals were shorter so you’re lucky you didn’t get the short Neanderthal genes

  7. Thanks for explaining it so clearly! I ordered a kit, submitted a sample, and now waiting for the results!

  8. Cute couple…I enjoyed your video!

  9. I love how people react to the Neanderthal results. I am waiting for the results of this test and there will be surprise if I have more Neanderthal than most users! haha

  10. we have to write this information in identity cars from the first day of birth for all people the world… new World Order

  11. I really want to do 23andMe DNA test now!
    I previously did Ancestry.com. Check out my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud1GeGh1rDg&t=1s

  12. You guys are beautifull and too funny.

  13. parkviewmo says:

    You two are 100% cute and funny!

  14. I was browsing through different videos on DNA testing, and yours was pretty fun. Thanks!

  15. Your DNA reveal is by far my favorite, and I have watched quite a few. Now I am even more anxious to get my 23andMe results back.

  16. Guppy Guy says:

    Sherri shares that same maternal haplogroup as my half sister Dana. Also 23andMe is going to update all of the accounts and make them more specific. It will be able to break down French, German and Swiss, and it’ll be able to break down British and Irish.

  17. Thanks for sharing!
    This is actually the best breakdown of consumer DNA testing. The video is just the two of you but it's done well; so that watchers understand well and keep their attention!
    Really good narration!!
    and 2nd camera angle was great idea.
    Solid video and editing!

  18. Bro that 1% African it shows on your face cool

  19. french2two says:

    Woman: your maternal haplogroup is U5b2; the Kings and Queens of Germany are U5b. Is there something more here? Your north African DNA is not a surprise since the Moors traded with Spain and you have Iberian DNA.
    Man: Your sub-saharan DNA is from the 16th century. In Elizabethan England, free blacks lived in London working as servants, musicians, dancers, and performers. Shakespeare wrote about them in his plays. They inter-married into the general population. Look into this.

  20. Naiyowmee says:

    You guys are hilarious! Love this! I’ve been contemplating which DNA test provider to go with. 23AndMe should pay you. I’m sold ?

  21. Woad_Brah says:

    The 0.1% African is most likely just statistical error

  22. "I bet it says '100%' beautiful" LOL cute.

  23. anything under 1% is prob just noise

  24. This was so very cool to watch! My husband and I have been wanting to go this. I didn't know they give you so much in depth information.

  25. Nicely presented.Women do have paternal haplo groups, but either their father or brother has to be tested for them to find out what it is.

  26. 美女 says:

    I really want to take one of these. Though I'm pretty sure my family is just from east Asia, china, Korea. Those two mainly.

  27. This is one of the best DNA test vids I have seen. You are great together.

  28. This is such a fun idea and I am really tempted to do one with me and hubby. I'm pretty sure Im all irish/british but who knows there may well be a bit of a surprise in there

  29. I'm glad I did mine.i did mine with 23 and me.my neanderthal variants is 118.i'm 49.6.asian.i'm 43.3.sub Saharan african.and 6.7.european.british,Irish, Ashkenazi Jewish, iberian.my mom is asian.she's filipino.my father is black.i love both you're results.?

  30. 100% beautiful. So sweet. My family is going to do one of these. It's very interesting.

  31. Okay, this is cool, but you guys- over 800 subscribers?! woohoo!

    I'd love to see my DNA test results – I know a lot about my mom's side of the family, but little to nothing about my dad's side. This stuff always fascinates me.

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