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23andme Results: What I find out is insane! pt. 1

23andme Results: What I find out is insane! pt. 1

So my insane results revealed that I’m not fully Asian as I thought I was. =/

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Blog post explaining more information about where those other heritages came from:

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26 thoughts on “23andme Results: What I find out is insane! pt. 1

  1. ItsMHL says:

    Just an FYI for those of you that are complaining about me not being white enough, I said that because of the discrimination of casting Asians in Hollywood which is still a huge problem for us. Film directors make terrible excuses such as "Asians not being expressive enough" or they'll lose their job if they cast Asian, etc. However, if I looked "white" enough, maybe I'll get casted, I don't know but that is something I'd like to change about the film industry in the US.

  2. You didn’t look Vietnamese to me

  3. Actually when I first saw you, I thought you were definitely Chinese not Vietnamese. Your accent sounds more Chinese too so not shocked that you are mostly Chinese.

  4. Nice bro, btw whats your vietnamese surname and does it relate to a chinese 1?

  5. jb gan says:

    your voice volume too low and sound effect too high

  6. .01 percent do not count

  7. I love it when Vietnamese take this test. I am Viet too but my result was quite different from yours. And yes I got Africa (north) and middle eastern. I got Turk/Persian and Polynesian too. Seems to me like most Viet have more than just your typical south east Asian blood.

  8. Ta ha says:

    Is he whispering ?!?

  9. Anthony Vu says:

    I took my test my test from myheritage. both of my parents are Vietnamese. I am 71% Chinese, 27% Thai and Cambodian, and 1% Melanesian

  10. If your family is (mostly) southern China, then it's not too odd that you have quite a bit of SE Asian ancestry. I'm (supposedly) Chinese, but am often mistaken as Thai, Vietnamese or Filipina. My family is from the coastal regions of southern China (most of it, anyway. I also have some northern ancestry, but that's like way, way, way back and on my dad's side only – as far as I know, anyway).

  11. To be "European" has nothing to do with your skin , or how "white" you are. For instance , An black American usually has 10% or More European DNA due to the slave trade. They're black Americans who are techinally "Whiter" than you through DNA.

  12. Sp 19 says:

    You are no where near Caucasian (< 1cent) Southern part of Vietnam were Cambodian and Thai /Lao lanxang empires (google) and that explained your DNA result. Please be proud of the other halves of who you are. Over 40% of Vietnamese population are Thai,Lao and Cambodian ancestry. I'm Laotian I'm probably lighter skin than you and taller 5' 9" my uncle is 6' 3" Life is too short so stopped hating.

  13. hey dude what part of Vietnam are you from

  14. Tiffany Le says:

    Hey bro, an adult male Neanderthal (Homo neanderthalensis) is about 5'4"-5'5" on average in height. Not sure if you knew that, you were saying you had tall cousins while you're 5'6" when talking about neanderthal traits such as height. Nah man, your height is much closer to that of a neanderthal than your cousins.

  15. John Dean says:

    Marco Polo ?????

  16. John Dean says:

    I personally believe that East Asian people became pale when Y haplogroup R1 was introduced to the East Asian population.

  17. Peach says:

    I'm pretty sure you're full Asian. Anything with less than 1 percent is margin of error or genetic "background noise". People who are Oceanian (Polynesians) had ancestors from Asia so some Southeast asians have some genes that show some similarity. Also Vietnamese people are a mix of Southeast Asian and East Asian. Your results are pretty standard for a Viet person. East Asians can be pretty pale. Having pale skin doesn't mean someone is white or part white. It's kinda weird that full Asians dont want to accept that they are.

  18. halashet says:

    why do you have a 47% asian? whats your ethnicity?

  19. purplecorn says:

    Michael: A fun fact is that your East Asian mtDNA haplogroup N9a is also found among Czech and Hungarian people from Central Europe and among Ashkenazic Jews from Eastern Europe.

  20. I'm 99% European. Read 'em and weep! 😀

  21. Are you a southern Chinese?

  22. all people are African in origin,so in that sense you're African as of the timeframe we live in now you're whatever Asian ethnic group you belong to.

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