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23AndMe Analysis

23AndMe Analysis

What do you do with the raw data you received from 23andMe. There is a software program that will interpret this data and tell you what genes are not functioning at full capacity. The licensed professional can also take your symptoms and the results from an organic acid urine test to come up with a protocol custom made for you. The software program works with highly bioavailable supplements made for genetic pathways that when not working properly can result in deficiencies of needed proteins or neurotransmitters or result in an overload of harmful toxins. So now you can do not only understand which genetic pathways need help, but also have access to the supplements that target those pathways.

Call Dr. Hendricks for a complimentary 10 min consult to go over what steps you need to take once you get your 23andMe report.


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  1. Whats the software program ?

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