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My 23andme Genetic & Health Report – My Ancestry – Northwest european

My 23andme Genetic & Health Report – My Ancestry – Northwest european

The test took 4 week for me to get my result:) I mean from the time it arrived with them. The 26 something % broader northwest european probably has the norway % in it which my dad talked about to me.
Geographically, Northwestern Europe usually consists of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Northern Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.[1][2] Luxembourg, Northern France,[3][4][5][6] Southern Germany, and Switzerland[1] are also often considered part of the grouping.[

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20 thoughts on “My 23andme Genetic & Health Report – My Ancestry – Northwest european

  1. Ok, i defenitely had a lot of fun reading through these comments here. Very entertaining. So many ppl bashing you bc you are european, incredible

  2. Me? 100% Murican ???

  3. Europeans and Africans are ugly. Sorry.

  4. We got similar result. I have a bit more Neanderthal traits

  5. The majority of what you described as "likely" was me exactly, especially sneezing at the sun

  6. Pretty much everyone I've seen gets that sprinter gene thing. I don't know that it means much.

  7. Your hair isn't dark though compared to most of the world's population. What counts as dark in Northern Europe is a bit different. Your hair is really medium, in between dark and light.

  8. hailey rae says:

    I thought that you were from South America

  9. i'm also haplogroup H lol

  10. M. S. says:

    northern european & western european girls > southern european girls >>>> eastern european girls tbh

  11. That was very interesting. Wouldn't it be nice to work inside this industry and find little facts they don't share. Unassigned, I would guess and say each one of us have a tiny mutation of our own. Thats how we evolve and change over time. If those traits pass on.

  12. Elven characterstics!

  13. Where do you come from ? Your accent isn't 100% american ,i'm guessing you just moved to America from France or Germany?
    Oh nvm you said you were Belgium 🙂

  14. Would you ever consider doing a video about your involvement and current thoughts about destini farms?

  15. pukirocks says:

    this is wring, you're from heaven

  16. I thought you were gonna be half Asian and 1/10th Native American hehe

  17. Northwest Europeans are the healthiest.

  18. "I think all babies are born with blue eyes" LMAO NEED MORE DIEVERSITY, GOYIM

  19. I want to try this test.

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