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10 thoughts on “Comparison Of 23andme, AncestryDNA, And FamilyTreeDNA: African American

  1. Thanks Erica.Which company would you suggest if trying to find inner tree line that has daughtered out and paper trail can’t be substantiated.I have tested with 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA.would ancestrydna give me more clues?

  2. thanks for the upload 🙂 I did upload as well my parents , then myself with 23andme .Back when it was like 200 cdn each .lol Hence why I did my husbands with ancestry …. since then this year did my sons as well . I myself like 23andme more then ancestry that I was thinking about retesting with 23andme for my husband . Thanks for the time you took to do all three .ANd yes I found more relatives on 23andme willing to reply .Ancestry I found not many people either on that platform interested in finding family members

  3. so i am not sure wich one to do i mean i want to see the results more detailed and yeah familytreedna looks not so detailed? Can you answer to me wich one is more detailed pleas

  4. how much do you pay on each test and each company?

  5. Thank you! I needed this

  6. dagnyatl says:

    Excellent video; well spoken to the point.

  7. So which company is the most accurate with the dna percentage and with the relatives

  8. Brian says:

    what kid from Family Tree DNA did you buy? Did you buy the Family Finder kit that was $99?

  9. sysjls75 says:

    I went ahead and did the 23 and Me., with the additional screening. I just wanted to see how accurate it is. My fraternal roots have been traced back to 600 AD and my maternal roots to 1215 AD based on the protocols spelled out by the American Genealogical Society and thanks to my cousins who did all the work, spanning over fifteen years………

  10. What are the advantages of doing the Y dna or mtdna test on Family Tree?

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