Home DNA AncestorMY ANCESTRY & HEALTH RISKS? || 23andMe DNA Test Results!
MY ANCESTRY & HEALTH RISKS? || 23andMe DNA Test Results!

MY ANCESTRY & HEALTH RISKS? || 23andMe DNA Test Results!

Hey guys! The day has finally come! My 23andMe Results are in and I am so excited to talk about them with you! This whole thing probably took about 3 months but I am so pleased with what I learned in the process! Hope you enjoy learning more about me! Love you guys!

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33 thoughts on “MY ANCESTRY & HEALTH RISKS? || 23andMe DNA Test Results!

  1. Hi Jenna, for the two health problems, tell your optometrist and medical doctor about them. They would be able to especially look for your starting those diseases and catching them early.

    To prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD), eat sufficient servings of spinach and/or kale each week. Spinach and kale are high in lutein which is a nutrient that helps protect you from getting AMD. Your optometrist might know of additional foods/nutrients to take.

    Here's what the BBC has to say about preventing AMD:


  2. Yes Sir! says:

    Yes. Scotland is part of Britain.

  3. Love your videos! You could try 24Genetics https://24genetics.co.uk/ it is the most complete one with more than 400 regions. Hope it helps 🙂

  4. Nancy Reds says:

    Good video! I tryed many companies and the most complete in ancestry and health is 24Genetics https://24genetics.de/ . you can do it from 23andme raw data, hope it helps 🙂

  5. Power athlete Gene must have come from Neanderthals! ?

  6. Bailey Layne recommended your channel, I subscribed 🙂

  7. Mixed squad where you at??

  8. Woohoo to the Scottish part. Was wondering when you'd get the results xx

  9. wicious says:

    Only people with ancestry from outside of Africa have neanderthal dna! People whose ancestors never left Africa didn't have any contact with neanderthal people.

  10. So, she paid $120 to learn what we already knew. She is the most basic of high maintenance white girls. Even her new bf is high maintenance.

  11. Prounced Osh-ka-nah-zee Eastern Europe is Poland, Russia or Romania,

  12. Asknazi jew! I’ll feed you latkes – potato pancakes!

  13. How tall are you? I always picture you being like 5’9” lol

  14. Quick tip: It's pronounced "Aash-ken-aah-zee."

    Also, with a surname like yours, I am unsurprised by the amount of British Isles in your background. The Scandinavian is possibly from ancestors back during the northern men's invasion of the Isles, if not more recently. And being that you're Canadian, the French and German isn't too surprising to me either.

    I say all this because I've had friends and family take these tests and be really confused as to where certain ethnicities came from–most notably, my own grandmother! She was shocked by the amount of Northern European in her results until I reminded her about the Anglo-Saxons and Normans coming to the Isles hundreds of years ago.

    These tests are fascinating, but I hear they're even more accurate if you have a parent (or both) take the test and then link your results to theirs.

  15. Super white girl lol ??‍♀️

  16. CLS says:

    I think the word you were looking for was "consolidate" :p

  17. That’s interesting Jenna but I wonder if your parents and siblings did the test too what their results would … that could be an interesting video if they are ok with it, to compare results …. just a thought … thanks

  18. Interesting that this company says you (or anyone) is “Ashkenazi Jewish.” Jewish refers to a religious group of people. Jewish is not a term used to describe nationality or origin. You can come from Jewish people, yes, but that’s not their nationality. That’s like saying I come from Christians. Okay, but what is my ethnicity? The Ashkenazi Jewish people were Jews residing in Eastern Europe, so I would just add those two percentages together and call it Eastern European.

  19. Toni Skye says:

    OMG, you got the results! I'm not even going to lie…I have been looking out for this video to be posted by you lol

  20. Carrie Ann says:

    Yeah to British & Irish! ???

  21. Gramma always said gypsy Irish jew

  22. Yay the results finally. So interesting all the information they give you, and 100% Euro I love it. I def want to do this one day. I hope I have all parts of the world in my DNA lol. Thanks for sharing Jenna

  23. Yeah for the irish part

  24. Interesting to know about your background, but the health risk part spooks me out a bit! Kind of scary sending your DNA willingly to a Google owned company as well ??‍♀️

  25. I‘m not sure how much i believe the exact percentages mhhhh
    also your view on neanderthals (& chromosomes lol) are so cute lmao they are/were literally another „sort“ of humans. Not apes.

    this reminded me a lot of ap bio lol

  26. Kimmi Kirk says:

    Very cool video! Thanks for sharing that with us!

  27. Reid says:

    wish it wasn't 200 Dollars !

  28. I was wondering if you got the results bak – that's pretty awesome but personally I wish the results were more conclusive and less generic, you know? maybe someday I'll try it!

  29. ????????✌✌??❤???????????????⚘????

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