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23andMe CEO on genetic testing relaunch, protecting privacy

23andMe CEO on genetic testing relaunch, protecting privacy

Two years ago, the company 23andMe was poised to revolutionize personal genetic medicine. With a $99 saliva kit, it offered to analyze your DNA, revealing your risk for health threats like diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer. The FDA wrote a scathing warning letter ordering 23andMe to halt sales and stop giving customers a health analysis. The feds claimed 23andMe wouldn’t cooperate and ignored inquiries for six months. CEO and co-founder of “23 and Me” Anne Wojcicki joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the company’s future.


7 thoughts on “23andMe CEO on genetic testing relaunch, protecting privacy

  1. FDA doesn't wanna lose trillions. Imagine if you can avoid certain diseases there wouldn't be a need for you to take any medication… That's a loss for the FDA.

  2. hitler would have loved this shit

  3. FDA wants to keep people sick.

  4. The FDA is a fraudulent organization funded by the for-profit healthcare cartel. Wonderful companies such as this are a threat to them because it educates the public to take evasive action early to prevent possible future heath risks. Doctors and drug companies make no profit in healthy people. Anne, you are amazing! Keep up the great work and don't let the terrorists who run this country keep you from educating us about our own bodies and keeping them in good health. Godspeed with your cause.

  5. Lee says:

    I'm looking for my father because my mom won't give me as much as a damn name. This depresses me.

  6. Yea, I dont think you can tell the company not to give info to law enforcement.

  7. When will this company offer testing regarding heart disease, diabetes, etc again?

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