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Comparison of autosomal DNA test results from AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, & 23andMe

Comparison of autosomal DNA test results from AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, & 23andMe

There are a number of companies that will test and interpret your genome for you. This is about the “big three.” Average joes like myself who are tracking their genealogy (as opposed to people wanting information about family-of-origin, say, or who have DNA drawn from areas of the world less studied than Britain/Europe). I don’t pretend to know very much about the science of it, but at least at this basic level some may find it worthwhile to see the comparisons.

SEE ALSO: my second video, on this same channel, made a couple of weeks later, with supplementary comments in response to further questions. Direct link is: https://youtu.be/B2__aZhvj3o

AND THIS: http://www.isogg.org/wiki/Beginners’_guides_to_genetic_genealogy


43 thoughts on “Comparison of autosomal DNA test results from AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, & 23andMe

  1. Can you help me understand my 23andMe. Y dna…

  2. 23andme was very accurate and spot on in regards to our ancestry reports. GEDmatch is also really informative, but WEGENE seems to be accurate solely for Asians and DNAland came up with the most ridiculous results (almost as if they'd just rolled dice to come up with our ancestral regions).

  3. ancestory is vague…they just say eastern or western europe….super vague

  4. I have just ordered a test from FT DNA (before I found this video) for several reasons – 1 – they dont sell the DNA whereas the others do, 2 – FTDNA do their own tests, where as the others farm your DNA out to labs all around the world, 3 – I much prefer to do a cheek swab instead of spitting – and 4 while FT DNA does still have a small database, the more people who start using FT DNA the faster that database will grow. Also one can upload the raw DNA to GEDmatch so we still get those benefits for family matching for free.

  5. This is a method of brainwash to keep you guessing a nation represent your chromosomes ???

  6. Thank you Rob! You made it easy for me to understand.

  7. Steve Jobs says:

    FINALLY! Someone that appears to know the facts about these DNA kits!?

  8. Really happy to have stumbled on our video. Still debating which company to use. Leaning towards LivingDNA as they offer a breakdown of mtDNA and Y-DNA. Have you used them in the year and a half since posting this? Also, thank you for the additional websites you mentioned, i.e. gedcom etc.

  9. Really, your first video ever? Good Job!
    And thanks for the poster at 11:05 — I'm still laughing!

  10. Kazuoh says:

    I done this and swabbed my dogs mouth, the results came back south African 65% and middle eastern 35% I was laughing my ass off when I read it!!!!!

  11. Weird question, I have an elderly relative who has some bad breathing issues and I'm wondering if she should do a "cheek swab test" from Family Tree to make things easy instead of the saliva test from Ancestry. We're wondering if she might be part Native American as well so if the two companies are equivalent, I'd rather just have her take the cheek swab test. Suggestions???????????

  12. A very detailed and interesting video. Thank you sir 🙂

  13. Case White says:

    DNA land is free to does not accept family tree data though just 23 and me and ancestryDNA raw data

  14. Are Scottish part Irish ?

  15. wadi gaji says:

    Good to see a video that is concise , succinct , and to the point. Tired of this videos by juveniles who blabber for five minutes before going to the point.

  16. The company you referred to is spelled wrong. It is http://www.promethease.com

  17. Bobby says:

    Does 23 an me reveal my biological fathers surname with the results

  18. Rick Hind says:

    Thank you! Does Family Tree DNA data base benefit from partnering with National Geographics' DNA testing? If so how and if not why not?

  19. Thanks this helps a lot

  20. This was really awesome! I was having a hard time finding honest reviews of all three companies that were comprehensive and honest.

  21. Thank you. It was insightful. So far, I have only done Family Tree DNA Family Finder.
    Awaiting results.
    Need a brother that is willing to do male component.
    Really cute cartoon, @ the end.

  22. 13thBear says:

    Great info! More leads! Thanks.

  23. searching my Grandmothers DNA JEWISH HERITAGE Immigration as Child on the George Washington Ship FROM GERMANY-Czech REPUBLIC???!!! Thank you for your Information!!!

  24. Thank you very much, this was a very interesting and helpful video! I'm yet to decide which test to take, because as an Armenian I'd like to choose the dna test, who is more accurate on Middle Eastern and Caucasus breakdown.

  25. The One says:

    An expert review. Beautiful

  26. Wow! This stuff is powerful!!!

    I purchased the 23andme DNA kit for my wife, who is adopted. After finding a "DNA relative" in 23and me who is projected to be a second cousin and making numerous calls, we were able to find my wife's birthfather and birthmother. We just flew back from Indianapolis for a Mother's Day celebration where my wife spent a rewarding weekend with her birthmother. God is good! I am uncertain if Ancestry.com could have provided enough information to make this happen because the key person, the second cousin, did not take the Ancestry.com dna test.

    I honestly believe that if you are on a mission to uncover something important, you won't rely on one source of information. We were just blessed that 23andme was the first one (along with people answering my calls) that worked for my wife.

    God bless each of you and I wish you all the best!


  27. what do you think of the company dna consultants.

  28. I don't see how a smaller database(FTDNA) test could be better than a larger database.
    I ordered the 23andme test for me and my hubby.
    I heard that Ancestry is all over the place with their results.
    23andme has been highly recommended as the more bang for your buck test. They have included testing for over 75 diseases from what I hear.

  29. Is there a way I could further my research about my Native American ancestors? Is there a specific site I could use to pinpoint which tribes my ancestors belong to?

  30. Ryan Venue says:

    Thank you very informative thank you Rob Black!!!

  31. You mentioned that you were puzzled by the ancestrydna 1% Melanesian result. I wonder if, given that 3%-5% of Melanesian dna is of Denisovan origin, the result is actually an indication of you having Denisovan ancestry. That would correspond with the FTDNA result of Siberian ancestry… just a thought. I am not an expert.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with these tests.

  32. Ellery Sam says:

    hello I went through family DNA and want to see if they can find a Jewish lineage. they said they can find out through autosomal testing. is this good? as I already paid and wanted your thoughts. I'm native American and found i have Spanish line through that site. maybe fill me in on anything you know. thanks

  33. Thanks for youre answer becouse i was wondering that man can also take the y test and woman also can take the mth test seperate so i thourt that the results meby different.Thanks and greetings from Holland Rotterdam 🙂

  34. Hi I have a question Robert autosomal DNA test let this test also good seeing your father's side if one is a woman or do you have more results as woman of your mothers side thank you greetings from Holland

  35. 03daguil says:

    I feel people should know, from the companies ive tried, family tree dna was the one I liked least, they keep changing your results, and when you call the company you get many different answers, its very unprofessional .

  36. Oh rob, with a moaning voice

  37. YangSing1 says:

    Can you tell me if the "Great Britain" DNA on Ancestry refers to the Anglo Saxons or the native Britons?

  38. This is what I've been looking for!

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