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23andMe DNA Test Results Are In- Yikes! | EpicReviewGuys CC

23andMe DNA Test Results Are In- Yikes! | EpicReviewGuys CC

23andMe just notified me that my test results are in- and the first thing I learned came as kind of a shock. But there was good news in the health test predictions as well and some fun stuff I learned about my ancestral DNA. Overall quite a bit of information for just $99. But in the end I did chicken out and not unlock all the test information. There are some things I would rather not know if there is no cure and no prevention.

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27 thoughts on “23andMe DNA Test Results Are In- Yikes! | EpicReviewGuys CC

  1. That "average risk chart" at chronomark 5:56 has a flock of maladies that the specimen donor may be subject to. Scroll down and see that they have this guy "at risk" for a dozen conditions! It reminds me of Chicken Little bemoaning the fates because of global warming or massive tsunamis or meteors hitting Earth….take your pick. Even though these DNA places are ostensibly looking out for your health it comes down to fear-mongering. Everyone is gonna die but if you wanna die sooner rather than later simply take these "scientific charts" seriously, then worry your butt off and you're sure to get one of the disorders next week.

  2. I wish I had watched this before I went to 23. Here are my complaints: I ordered this 23andme for my young adopted daughter. $100 and I'm not happy. 1st: I never saw any age parameters on any 23andme website(the instuctions say 'physically mature people). 2nd: I know it is can be accomplished quickly but you must register online before you send your saliva sample in or they will not evaluate your specimen. Of course, when you type in the camouflaged letters that are in the "hack proof" rectangle it comes up "wrong letters" the first 3 or 4 times (as I'm sure everyone who has pubic hair has experienced time and again, and you know how frustrating that is). 3rd: 23andme starts in with all these intrusive questions, ostensibly to help isolate and cure disease in the world but I have heard that the Israeli Gov't, thru some beards, actually collects the info that we surrender. I'm sorry I ever did this damn thing.As for those folks who have patience, don't mind filling out forms and generally don't care how far Big Brother sticks its Orwellian nose up your ying-yang, you'll probably be satisfied with 23andme

  3. you can do the medical condition things now

  4. I can't believe how gullable people are. Is your name and address written in your dna?

    Ethnicity can't be transferred in dna. Giving percentages of one's ethnicity is analogous to reading tea leaves or fortunetelling, which is what ethnicity results are. Selling you snake oil or a pet rock.

  5. Sussie Due says:

    Um….they still do the disease test. It's an extra $100.

  6. J Godfrey says:

    Best way to reduce the risk of prostate cancer is to ejaculate an average of 22 times a month. Drop loads it prevents cancer!

  7. Carolyn says:

    Health option is STILL available….

  8. Every male is at an increased risk of having prostate cancer. I think it's one of the most common cancers for males, but most get it when they are old and die never knowing they had it or never having to treat it, again because of the age factor.

  9. Congrats on the Native American. Since Europeans and Native Americans have shared the North American continent for close to 500 years, there's always that chance. More puzzling was my 1% North African within the last 350 years, with all the rest being northern and eastern Europeans. I look at the geography, and in light of the fact that the two individuals had to be in the same room together at some point, and realize there's an interesting travel story there. I just will never know it.

    By the way, you can do things to stave off Alzheimers and make its progression a lot slower once the first signs are noticed. It's called Best Practices, and most of it is diet and exercise, but drugs like Aricept can keep a person functional much longer the earlier they are begun. Both you and your doctor can be on the lookout rather than wasting time. It helps to be financially prepared as well, however you choose your priorities. No sense in putting off your dreams for later. My mother has the disease.

  10. very interesting thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Liked watching your video <3

    I make videos too, let me know what you think!

  12. Jason Kim says:

    The .1% of east Asian DNA came from Genghis Khan boyo!

  13. Aggressive prostate screening? Does that mean you are examined by Mr T? ("I pity the poor fool who comes to me for testing. I pity him.)

  14. You're wrong about alzheimers. Entirely preventable

  15. Onur Basut says:

    ÷68 kurmanc ÷22 asian 🙂

  16. why do these have to drag on and on? Why can't they just get straight to the point?

  17. Mads V. says:

    I also checked my DNA today and got 99,8 % European. 65,8 % Scandinavian, 10,5 % British & Irish and so on. Very interesting!

  18. Medical Student here. Just an FYI: if every man lived long enough, he'd get prostate cancer. It's because the rate of tissue turnover in that gland is so high; the greater the rate of tissue turnover, the more DNA is being replicated, & the more likelihood over time that there will be errors. We all have special proteins in our bodies that work with the DNA replication process, but they may have found that one of yours doesn't function as well, or something like that, hence the slight increase in risk. Honestly, though, if you live a balanced lifestyle and follow routine checkups, likelihood is that you'll die of something else before that mutation becomes a problem. As for Parkinson's, the earlier it is detected, the sooner medication can be prescribed to protect nerves in the brain. I suspect the same is true with Alzheimer's, though there, lifestyle choices (not cooking with aluminum cookware or using deodorant with aluminum), make a big difference. Hope this helps you understand.

  19. Just so you and everyone else knows, 23&Me is again allowed to tell you if you are a carrier for genetic diseases that you might pass on to your child. This is especially important for couples who are having issues carrying a baby to term. I like how you mentioned genes versus environment, because this does make a huge difference when it comes to how to interpret your genetic results & risks. What many people don't realize is that 23&Me also lets you download your "raw data" which is a long zip file containing your entire genetic code. If you find the right resources, there are certain companies that you can send your raw data to, and they will run it to find out what types of nutrients your body has issues processing and/or which nutrients you body needs a higher than average, or special forms of nutrients. By addressing these concerns, you can lower and almost completely eliminate your risk of diseases/conditions that your report might say you have a higher change of getting. I invite all of you who have used 23&Me to check out http://www.elevatedhealthsolutions.com. They will run your raw data once you send the file to them, and will give you a report that 23 and me doesn't typically include, and help you to address any areas of concern with your DNA. Having the ability to tailor a treatment/nutrition plan to each person's DNA is a huge game-changer, and one that is going to help the world deal with their health issues in a much more effective way.

  20. Jack C says:

    100% chance of cancer

  21. wow this is great! I liked seeing what all the results were like. great video

  22. Genes For Good do the testing for FREE! You get both the medical and the ancestry. You just have to answer a few fast surveys according to your personal health and they send the kit. It's by the University of Michigan. They provide all the results.

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