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23andMe Results! (Puerto Rican/Dominican)

23andMe Results! (Puerto Rican/Dominican)

my DNA results from 23andme. What’s your background? 23andme.com


7 thoughts on “23andMe Results! (Puerto Rican/Dominican)

  1. John Dean says:

    What are you Maternal and Paternal haplogroups?

  2. Do you understand that saying that you are "Puerto Rican" or "Dominican" is like saying you are "Floridian" or "New Yorker"…neither "Puerto Rican" nor "Dominican" nor "Cuban" is a racial designation. Think of it this way…Is "Canadian" a race? Is "American" a race? And NO "Mexican" is not a race either, regardless of the stupidity you hear in the US on a daily basis about the "Mexican" race, which has not existed since the beginning of the history of man as a bi-pedal, upright-walking species.

  3. Bori/Domi says:

    great results man I'm also Puerto Rican & Dominican I was born in PR though  My 23andme results were 71% Europe mostly Iberian , 19.2 Sub-Sahara African, 5.7% East Asian &  Native American  and 2.3 %  Middle Eastern & North African..

  4. We have almost the same result i am Dominican. I am 49.5% European/ 31.1% African/ 9.1% Native American/ 3% middle Eastern and 7.3% unassigned. I just don’t like how 23andMe doesn’t really break down the African continent with like their regions and stuff it’s too broad.

  5. Half black and half white

  6. Oh snap, I remember seeing your name somewhere so I checked my DNA matches on Gedmatch and apparently we share 9.2 cM (5.9 gen). My name on Gedmatch is Franchesca G and most of my family is from Haiti, Cuba and DR.

  7. It’s a scam they cannot detect who your ancestors where when your ancestors never took a dna test

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